What made them so hard-hearted?
What made them so cruel?
lonely and power-hungry - 
obsessed by fears -
obsessed by "security"  -
obsessed by fuel !
What drove their longings 
which are just a facade 
of greed and of hate
and expansionist lust?
What made them believe
that the answer is violence 
that war grants "solutions"
and increases their might?

Do they think they are right?
Upstarts, like Rumsfield -
from modest circles 
who ammassed fortunes 
using connections -
relying on tricks
shunning no fight
to get what they wanted -
ignoring want -
ignoring what's right

Cheney, not  different. 
Nor Bush junior, George DUBYA
cocaine user, ha -  
who liked to be absent
when he was in the Guard
who had a problem 
with booze
and a problem with daughters
who cheated his friends
his heart pretty hard

made his first millions -
the sports club ! - 
the story was saddening
Georgie was swell
Is he aiming for billions?
A man so envolved 
with wheelers and dealers
When ENRON was thrilling
Lay was his pal
When ENRON was milked
he knew him no longer

Got to the top
to the top of the country
with the help of millions
from oil men and others
And still relied on
the tricks of his brother
"Old South" tricks, you know
of recounting the vote
a Court stacked with cronies
all named by his father

In the White House
he sits now
his dark shadows whisper
of lust and of power
of war and revenge

What made them so cruel
convinced of themselves?
with their money
their power
they believe in their right

They are sending the boys
from the farms
to the desert
and the  working class kids
they send out to die 
For oil they do all this
For money for power
He sits and he  nods
he stares and he smiles
As the body bags come in
as he releases his statements
as the budget explodes
and the economy shrinks
As the poor, they get poorer
and the richest wax richer
As he slashes their taxes
and burdens the rest
How can you now bear it
if he says he's
How can you now bear it
when the media praise him?

[revised version]

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