"Unusual" meeting leads to decision / Bush, advisers spend 3 1/2 hours at unscheduled gathering in Oval Office. By David L. Greene (Sun National Staff), Baltimore Sun, March 20, 2003 [http://www.sunspot.net/news/ ... ]
"WASHINGTON - President Bush gave the order to go to war last night shortly before 7 p.m.  Soon after, he retired...to have dinner with his wife ..."

"Philosophical plea for peace runs into cold, hard reality." By Michael Olesker. Baltomore Sun, March 20, 2003
"...when presidential spokesman Ari Fleischer critized Daschle, reporters repeatedly asked whether he was suggesting that criticism of Bush - or the war - was unpatriotic."

"Bush Launches Military Strikes On Iraq." By Jennifer Loven, Associated Press writer, re-published by yahoo news,  http://www.yahoo.com , March 20, 2003
"Bush said the hostilities that began ... focus on 'selected targets of ... importance' ..."
[as a prelude to a 'broad and concerted campaign']. In other words, Bush knows that the Iraqi head of State is targeted personally. 

"U.S. Officials: Saddam a Strike Target." By David Crary, Associated Press Writer, re-published by yahoo news, March 20, 2003
"U.S. forces launched their ... war against Saddam Hussein, targeting him personally...
Coinciding with the attack, about 1,000 U.S. troops launched a raid on villages in southern Afghanistan..."

"War begins with attack aimed at Hussein, aides." By Paul West, Sun National Staff, Baltimore Sun, March 20, 2003
"The second Persian Gulf war [i.e. the Third Gulf War, and the second seeing direct military involvement of the U.S.A.] began last night with ... U.S. missile strikes apparently aimed at killing Iraqi President Saddam Hussein..."


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