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BAGHDAD, TEXAS (IP) - Kevin Miller.   A local bigshot, the "deeply religious" rancher W. George, of Bushville, Texas, today sent out his henchmen who killed a competitor, a small crook called Hussain, as well as scores of innocent bystanders.
W. George  claims God told him "to get rid of that bastard" who he says was "possessed by the devil."
He immediately started to take possession of Hussain's little farm.

LOS ANGELES (ANS) - Stan Eagleton. In what appeared to be the end of a gang conflict, a bigshot among local gangsters, known simply as "W," went up to a small crook standing at a street crossing, and after exchanging a few words, cold-bloodedly shot him in the head. As bystanders started to panick, his followers immediately began to shoot at them with automatic rifles. "W" and his gang members escaped.
check poem "They are in Baghdad"

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