At the Crossroads

how often have we seen
masters of our world
overturning tables
and breaking bowls!

today, the time is near at hand
where children will sing 
their ditties about them – 
gleefully, and unafraid

                                                Sept.29, 2010


                              “…finally the table
                                is starting to turn”

will we lock them up?
Will we throw away the key?
Will we question,  then torture
and hang them?

Not at all. The evildoers
now in high positions
will simply wither away – 
gardeners in the emperor’s garden

strange left-overs
they will be – 
of a time when we lacked

                                                Sept.29, 2010

A Bird Keeper

He feeds it every day
With the crumbs from his table
He says he loves it
and cares for it, o so well

Doesn’t he notice
the bars of the cage?
Doesn’t he hear
the bird’s call of protest? 

                          Sept.29, 2010

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