THE "JULY WAR" ISSUE,   Aug. 2006 
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EDITORIAL Just a few words now...

Various authors, NO TO WAR! (Kein Krieg!)
The Anti-War Statement by Jewish, Muslim and Other Artists, Intellectuals 
and Ordinary Citizens in "Die Zeit" (unauthorized English translation) 

Walter Mattheuer, Why Peace is Necessary

Cary Boudin, Twice as hard

Herbert Weinstein, A Violent World, The Middle East's Zones of Conflicts, and Terrorism Spilling Over into the West

Gary Mahs, Wars, the Terrorist Backlash, and the 
Destruction of Civil Liberties 

Jo Landers, The July War and Its Repercussions.
A few observations on terror and terrorism 

Niek Satijn, alles fängt an mit der Neugier

Some "Private" Emails Occasioned By the War

Andreas Weiland, Cluster bombs, die Ministerin und die 
Unterstellung des Anti-Semitismus

This issue was edited by guest editor J. Weidenfels and by Andreas Weiland


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